Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Other "sects" of Pieism

Today I typed pieism into google to see if my site came up. It didn't but I found Pieism is already a religion! Its divided into around 5 or 6 independant "sects" which apparently are all founded without knowing each other. Even a quick look at the different sites showed how diverse they are and how much size differs between them. So anyway, I'm making the Cult of Pie part of this Pieism, it's ashame there appears to be little unity between the sects. I've put about my sect on the wiki and I hope to join the Council of Pie soon, I've e-mailed Jojo with a request to join. Onwards Pie!

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JoJo said...

You can join the Council of Pie, its open to any Pieist leader. Can you put some of your beliefs on this blog, your wiki entry looks a little small.