Wednesday, 6 February 2008

New Constitution of Pieism

Me and the JoJo have solved our argument with a new document called the Constitution. This should help the Union have fairer politics and still allow the JoJo to lead us. A copy of the agreed Constitution is below:

  • The JoJo is allowed to make any decision as long as it only affects the Church of JoJo Pieism.
  • The JoJo is allowed to make not so important decisions for the whole of the Great Religion of Pieism.
  • For a more important decision the JoJo must notify, preferably by e-mail, all the Minor Church leaders.
  • If over 70% of the Minor Church leaders actively disagree, the Bodyguard and the members of the Church of JoJo Pieism must take a vote. If both agree with the JoJo, the Minor Church leaders can be overidden, if both disagree with the JoJo, he must drop the idea. If the two disagree with each other, nothing can happen until oe goes either way.
    The Minor Church leaders can make any decision affecting their own Church only.
    The Great Religion of Pieism recognises the JoJo as the main leader of Pieism and the Church of JoJo Pieism as the mainstream Church.
  • Any Church may withdraw from the Great Religion of Pieism at anytime.
  • If JoJo becomes unable to continue his leadership, the primary candidate for leadership will be the Bodyguard. If the Bodyguard is unable to take up leadership, or he does and then later becomes unable to continue his leadership, the Great Religion of Pieism must decide whether to vote a new leader, or not have a leader. It is advised that if the Church of JoJo Pieism still has a leader, he or she shall take over.
  • If a leader of suiable strength emerges, he or she may take on the title of the New JoJo, due to Pieist belief that the JoJo will be reincarnated in many forms after he goes. However the New JoJo will be less important than the original.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Update on rights debate

Me and the JoJo have been exchanging furious e-mails over the last couple of days, the argument has got more and more intense. Me and Captain Pie Master support us having more say in Pieist decisions while the JoJo wants a strong, powerful leader, himself. If the JoJo isn't careful, he won't have a union anymore, me and Capt. PM could make our own, democratic union.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

JoJo making too many decisions?

Is the JoJo taking too many decisions? Although the JoJo is our holy prophet and leader, we have had a long history of being independant from the rest of Pieism. I haven't looked at Pieism for a few months and now the JoJo's introduced some new stuff and plans to do more with "Ex-08". Don't get me wrong, I think the JoJo should be able to make some decisions for the whole of Pieism, he is our leader, but I think he should consult us and the New Followers when he makes inportant decisions.

So what do I propose?

I propose a more solid system of government for Pieism and the Union (Great Religion of Pieism) in which the minor Church leaders have more of a say in what goes on. The JoJo should also pay more attention to the beliefs of his own Church, considering that the Church of JoJo Pieism makes up most of Pieism I think we should make sure the JoJo is respecting their beliefs.

I'm not trying to overthrow the JoJo

I don't want to get rid of the JoJo, I just want more rights for the people. I've sent e-mails to the JoJo and Captain Pie Master so we can sort out this issue. Hopefully soon we will have a fairer system in place and Pieism will be even greater!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Great Religion of Pieism

Now loyal followers we are part of a new great Pieism. The whole JoJo Pieism has separated itself from the rest of Pieism to make a new religion: the Great Religion of Pieism. We are now one of the three Churches of this new Pieism, lets hope this new start will bring a new golden age to Pieism.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

JoJo's Cult of Pie

This is now the JoJo's Cult of Pie. This may be confusing but bear with me. When I saw the JoJo Pieism Site I wanted to make my own sect of Pieism but now I have relised I can't. It's just not right. Therefore I have decided to make my sect no longer a sect of Pieism but a sect of JoJo Pieism. We will follow similar beliefs as mainstream JoJo Pieism but with our own extras. The JoJo has accepted us as part of his sect so onwards JoJo Pieism!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Great New Alliance

I've signed an Alliance with Jojo and Captain PM, read the terms below!

i. All signatories will protect the existence of all other sects in the agreement.

ii. All signatories will accept the "aspects theory", focusing on ALL sects are right.

iii. All signatories will help resuscitate "dead" sects and try to find new leaders or members to preserve it's existence.

iv. All signatories will keep alive the memory of a dead sect if the sect can not be brought back.

Signed by"His Holiness The JoJo, Pie Incarnate, Master and Founder of JoJo Pieism, Member of the Council of Pie" for JoJo Pieism

"Pie Master, Captain and Re-Founder of the New Sacred Text a la Mode, Claimant on TAUOP, Member of the Council of Pie" for the New Sacred Text a la Mode.

"High Druid of the Cult of Pie and Member of the Council of Pie" for the Cult of Pie.

Cool Treaty huh? This is exactly what I wanted when I joined the Pieism community but even this treaty is a little shallow. Still, I hope that with mote treaties, Pieism will soon be one!

Sunday, 22 July 2007

New Members + New Beliefs!

Over the last few days our sect has expanded amazingly! As well as stepping onto the Pieist World Stage our membership has doubled and we now have new beliefs which are still forming!

New Beliefs: Minor Gods: Sally Squid, Fatty Mcbutterpants and Lobster.

Ok, I may have ripped off the last two but they have responded to my e-mail and together we are making a deal. I can't say what about yet but don't worry, I will update this blog once the deal is finalised.